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I place things in order and I fix them according to what your soul wants, a period of time initiates truth and what it means for you; you move forward.The connections you need take place.
~ Penney Leyshon

"Penney Leyshon is one of the most remarkable, under-sung people on planet earth. There is no language adequate to describe the exhaustive, utterly radical impact her work has had on my life over the course of the past decade. Her work transcends classifications and typologies -- she's beyond all that. We need to invent new typologies that can encompass the vastness and profundity of what she does. Since knowing Penney, my life has transformed in ways that previously seemed impossible and unthinkable. Penney's work is the closest thing to a miracle that I've ever experienced on this earth."
D.A. Playwright/Award winning author


"I have not met anyone who is as unfathomably wide an avenue for transformative healing energy as Penney Leyshon. She has endured an extreme and devastated existence through which she is capable of summoning extraordinary wisdom and humanity—in conjunction with a presence that is unimaginably refined—in order to set up and activate exactly what a client and his/her higher power needs to become healed."

C.S.L. writer

"Penney's paintings and photographs are breathtakingly beautiful. Their power, however, goes far beyond the images with tremendous healing energy that engulfs, protects and propels. In an age dominated by scientific thinking, skeptics would deny their ability to affect change—but they do. As a result of living with Penney's artwork, I have experienced breakthroughs in areas that were untouchable by years of conventional therapy. My professional abilities have expanded and my business has begun to flourish.

Penney Leyshon is a gift—a wonder."

C.B. MFA Professional Photographer NYC, NY

"After seeing Penney for the first time, a few hours later I was in a business meeting. I had the most profound experience of my life. I felt my heart open up and energy rush through my body like I have never felt before."
M.C. Entertainment Attorney / Sr. Partner NYC, NY

"My life is challenging and often painful and when I have struggled to find clarity, peace or even hear my own voice, Penney has been consistently instrumental in helping me navigate the way back to me. Her work is grounded, practical, and deeply profound for those who want to change and evolve in their understanding of their truth. Penney is a rare archetype and is an extraordinary gift to my daily enlightenment everyday."

GJ Advertising

"Lama Surya Das explains in his book, Awakening to the Sacred, 'As seekers, you and I search for illumination and guidance. We want understanding—not only of our immediate problems but also of the great mysteries of the universe. We want to be able to move from murky illusion and confusion to wisdom, certainty, and clarity. We want to go from delusion to truth; we want the promise that we will be able to escape the darkness of the soul's infernal regions and make it to a place of infinite luminous peace, contentment, and divine unconditional love.'

That said, I know only of one human being on this earth who can truly help speed our soul's process and move our conscious thoughts and that is Penney Leyshon. I trust her implicitly. You just have to experience her once to understand the depth and power of her abilities."

S.E.G. Writer and Actress NYC, NY

"Penney A. Leyshon is a gift to us all. She sees our physical and emotional pain, embraces it, and brings healing light to transform it. She has healed me both physically and emotionally. Three doctors insisted on performing a hysterectomy on me. After seeing Penney, I was healed. My doctors were astounded. The emotional healing is harder to document simply because gradually the dark clouds of emotional turmoil disappear. One day these burdens are gone.

Penney's work is so powerful that she can transfer her healing light into beautiful paintings and photographs. Thank you, Penney."

A.L. TV Producer President AOM International, Inc. Larchmont, NY

"Penney's work is like nothing else I have encountered. Although it appears quite subtle, its effects are phenomenal. The work actually tears down and rebuilds the foundation of everything it contacts—nothing false survives. Everything true emerges. Working with Penney has helped my entire life to change."
B.B. playwright, screenwriter, professor New York City

"Penney Leyshon is the only human being, I believe, who somehow exists between the layers of Time and Space. By doing so, she is able to talk to us about our soul, psyche and egos; where we've come from—the lessons learned and unlearned, where we are—our current struggles, pain and ego games and of course, where we are headed. She shifts darkness from our being; sometimes quite literally. She does not only do this with her wisdom and her unique gift, but also with products. These healing tools are—amazingly—able to carry out her work without her being present. They simply help move the energy and keep the relationship to her and her gifts connected. I cannot explain it any better. It is quite simply beyond this realm."
S.B. Writer/Healer Croton-on-Hudson, NY

"After purchasing a stone and a painting from Penney my knee surgeon said 'If I wasn't sure I had the correct MRIs in my hand, I'd think I was working on someone else's knee.' My surgeon couldn't believe the improvement in my condition and what was scheduled for a two-hour surgery of grafts and reconstruction became a ten-minute shaving of arthritis. I took one of Penney's photographs along with a rock and oil to my parents who both had major surgeries and heart attacks within weeks of each other. My father's pain and suffering subsided, and my mother's physical therapy improved dramatically—additional surgery originally planned had now been cancelled. These are just some of the changes; the list goes on. Emotional connections in both business and personal areas have occurred on very deep levels. All I know is that Penney has the ability to improve everyone's life, and in many different ways her sessions and her products work to get rid of the bad and bring in the good. I thank her."
R.D Attorney's Assistant NYC, NY

"Penney is a wonderful channel of divine energy. She has the capacity to focus this energy through her hands and eyes directly through a person as well as projecting and infusing objects with it. The presence of these objects will in turn act as portals into the divine."
A.A. Lic. Acupuncturist NYC, NY

"When I think about how it feels to work with Penney and the impact she's had on my life, I have an image in my head of a huge crane moving enormously heavy blocks of concrete from a chaotic pile. Penney is the catalyst, the healing movement, the laser beam that cuts through what weighs down a soul...she's helped me move past and through what's felt like blocks of concrete, cutting loose what is not of benefit...enabling me to rise to new levels of freedom and understanding in ways that revitalize and reenergize...she is gifted beyond what words alone can describe...a seer and teacher for the world that is yet to come, she helps the rest of us to get there."
R.C. Management Executive

"Penney Leyshon's work is palpable. You get off the table feeling changed, like you are in a new body. Walking out onto the street, it's as if the prescription for your glasses has been adjusted. I shake my head in trying to describe what she does, but it works. Energy converges to help get you where you need to go. And on this side of things, Penney is warm, kind and maternal. She is like the Oracle at Delphi, with a sense of humor. With her healing, Penney gives us a truly fantastic gift."

M.K. actor, mother, producer

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