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About Healing

To be any part of an extraordinary process is a mystery.

Proficiency with magical inclinations carries a secret. It is a hush amongst the clamor or the unconvincing roar.

To perform great expressions of connection is an honor and a humble task. The exacted pain is invaluable, the wonder and the worth of the journey is unrecognizable and indescribable.

The deeper life's incision, the more thorough the universal travel of a soul; the more command and honor, the more responsibility is given.

Spiritual healing is unique. A place is put into order.

I have stepped out of my way and left me behind. By giving up a structure of normal existence I have been able to fuse and forge ahead with and in time.

A diversified action takes over when my intent is in charge.

I move energy, shift karma and bring the entitlement due to a soul, to its extent.

As a healer, I move energy and affect any level of a being, including and superseding that.

None of this is me, only a gift from somewhere you know of.

Although the language of healing is remote and esoteric, my goal is sincere, relative and grounded.

Transformation of the spirit lasts, and for it to begin it needs to weave with your life and your past existences. This creates ups and downs, rewards and detoxification.

Tips to remember:

Light precedes any type of darkness.

Each session brings an effort, effect and outcome for the future. It accomplishes its own success.

Deep healing occurs in waves, according to what our own development has progressed or evolved to.

All is taken into account because I work on multiple planes to produce results. After a healing, other modalities you are involved with will prove themselves or will feel time-consuming.

* * *

The length of a personal healing session is fifteen to thirty minutes, the cost is $150.

If you employ me, my only contact with you will occur during the session, if you buy a product or art piece, and if you make other appointments.

Please see the contact page if you are interested in making an appointment and/or buying a product, photo or painting.


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